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Many children in the UK leave primary school either loving or hating maths, and some leave without securing the basic numeracy skills expected at the end of ages 11.


This figure is around 10 pupils per primary school, here at Marvellous Maths, we believe the single most important outcome for any Primary School, should be to give all children a good foundation of knowledge to start high school  with confidence. 

SAT's test results provisional edition 2017

  • 600,066 year 6 pupils took the end of year SAT's (Scholastic Aptitude Test)  in 2017
  • 16,020 primary schools were measured in the UK
  • 39% of primary school children failed to meet the national curriculum standards in reading, writing and mathematics
  • 148,981 pupils took the maths test but did not reach the expected standard                                                                                                                                                  (source  department of education 2017)

Marvellous maths have a real social interest in helping children , families and primary schools to achieve better results for a brighter future. Our aim is to provide a different type of learning through fun and engaging mathematical activities. 

Our sessions will provide the right amount of support and opportunities for children to extend and further enrich their maths abilities and help them become marvellous at maths. 

We are not homework helpers or maths tutors, but our recreational maths activities will help children grow in confidence, make connections in their learning and boost their maths knowledge.

Our sessions are suitable for key stage 1 and key stage 2 and are guided by the national maths curriculum. We have incorporated some of the best teacher tested ideas from around the world to help bring maths alive. Schools can be confident that we will partner with them and offer an out of school maths club to children with co-curricular maths activities and learning experiences which will complement classroom teaching.

We have kept our prices affordable to give as many parent's the opportunity to help their children join the club.  Schools can also refer children they feel would benefit from attending the club. 

The pupil premium fund is an ideal resource, enabling schools to enrich learning opportunities and boost maths learning for children in school.

Our clubs operate 36 weeks during the school year during term time and are delivered on school premises after school for 1 hour, staff who lead the sessions are fully trained, fully DBS checked and hold first aid training certificates.

Please feel free to contact us with any further enquiries, we are taking bookings from schools now for  2017-2018.

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